What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with a unique identifier that are sent from a web server to a web browser of a device (computer, tablet or mobile phone). These files are stored on the device’s hard drive. Every website can send its own cookies to a web browser if the web browser’s settings allow it.

How do we use cookies?

When you access our website and engage with our content, we use cookies that are required for providing our services. In case cookies are not approved by the user, our services may not be available in full or easy to access. Some cookies provide security that is required in order to comply with some regulatory requirements or security requirements, including for online payments.

Our cookies are used to adapt our services for the user by remembering the user’s preferences and settings. That way, interaction between users and the services is more efficient and smoother. In addition, cookies enable us to adjust the relevant advertisements to the user.

In order to understand your use of our website, mobile applications and services, and in order to enhance and adjust their performance, we use first party and third-party cookies, web beacons, ad tags, device identifiers and other similar technologies.

We use functionality cookies

We use functionality cookies to remember your preferences on our websites, so you can receive personal features. If you choose to delete these cookies from your browser, we will not have information about your log-in details and preferences, and we might not be able to provide you with the content that you requested.

We use performance cookies

Performance cookies allow us to reduce the network bandwidth by not resending data that already exists on your device. The information that these cookies collect is anonymous. Not allowing us to use these cookies will make us request data in each of your visits to our website.

We use cookies for advertising purposes

Using third party cookies allow us to identify your interests and target advertisements that better suit your taste. The third-party companies that we work with are authorized to place third party cookies or use other technologies on our website upon your consent to us. If you choose not to allow these cookies, the advertising you will receive will be less adjusted to you.

Managing and tracking cookies settings

There are several ways to control cookies settings. Please note that by deleting or blocking cookies some of the features of the website may not work properly.

Most web browsers provide general information about cookies, enable you to see what cookies are stored on your device, allow you to delete, block, or allow cookies for specific websites or for all websites. Note that your settings apply to the specific browser or device that you are using. You can control cookies from your browser, information is usually found under the “Help” section of the browser.

In order to enjoy all the features on our website, we recommend our users to allow cookies.

Contact us

For additional information about cookies, please contact us at: [email protected]